World War II Naval Aviator School, Corpus Christy, Texas, Graduation

World War II Naval aviator graduation day picture in Corpus Christy, Texas with their signatures on the back.  Please feel free to verify and comment on names.  I hope to find these men of the Greatest Generation and their families.

Naval Aviator Graduation SD

Robert Lee Wiedeman, my father, is in the front row and second from the right.

The Others:

Signatures US Naval Reserve 46 Batt G-1

Others in this photo:

Darwin J. From, Salt Lake City, Utah; Harold W. Thompson, Mound City Missouri; Anthony F. Corbetta, Denver, Colorado; Joe Stammard; Robert B. Ruhstorfer, Germantown, Ohio; Robert M. Wegliy; Henry F. Urban, Daryld F. Walters, Presho South Dakota; Merton E. Powell, Topeka, Kansas; Sal D. Guido, Denver, Colorado; Phil Bindford, Denver, Colorado; Herb Flannby, Denver, Colorado; G.L. Carlson; Merlin J. Lee; Earl J Swanson, Elmoine Minnesota; Harold Early, Kansas City, Missouri; Wilson R. Morrill, Santa Rosa, California; Gilbert M. Jensen; Arthur H. Bayley; Marlin H. Moore; Leland Sauder; Joe Samson- “California”; Howard M. Smith, Marysville, Washington; Bobby Widholm, St. Paul; Danby, Wilcox, Akron, Ohio; George L.Wilson; Harold F. Rehein, Dodge City, Kansas; Esq. Frank Rupert, Lead, South Dakota, Ray Tinsley, Hanford, California; Robert (Doc) Reynolds, Sacramento, California; B.M. Zager; L. Duane Wallhafer, Topeka,Kansas; George Kilhmaster, Harrisville, Michigan; Hartford Rupp, San Francisco, California; W. Morsy;Dave Sho, Hellock, Minnesota; Arnold D. Westberg; W.L.Cunningham;

a/c R.L. Wiedeman U.S.N.R. 45 Batt G-1

Just amazing what we can find when we take the time to look.

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Fighting Terror

ImageLately I have been filled with a creeping sense of alarm that, sometimes, borders on terror.  When I set set myself up financially to embark on a writing career, I never expected that in this land of opportunity, my dreams would be squashed by the government. But I am a fighter and intend to be back soon. Let me explain.

I knew if I wanted to become a writer, I would have to save money, be debt free and live frugal like a college student for a while. Well, mission accomplished so far. I love creating stories on this WordPress blog, and I even managed to publish my first fiction work Community Gardens, under pen name Karin Boutall, for sale on

But as life goes, nine months ago, FEMA wanted to charge me $18,500 for flood insurance. That’s per year. Well I am not stupid nor am I gullible, but I am responsible. So I interrupted my writing career and figured out a whole new financial plan to get my little geodesic dome self-insured. That mission was just about accomplished when terror began to creep into my life. It wasn’t writers block. It was Obamacare trying to collect $8,500. per year for a plan I will never use. My catastrophic plan was cancelled. That scared the s— out of me. 

Enough is enough. I am not signing up for Obamacare.  I will pay the tax or fee and use the savings to become the most buff, fit, in-shape, healthy 56 year old broad I can become till my dying day.  Move over Jack Lalanne. Then I am going to die at home, just like my ancestors. 

Post scripts:

The US government is seventeen-trillion dollars in debt and can not meet its obligations or promises. In my day, people who made promises they could not keep were called liars. If they broke promises intentionally, they were called snake-oil salesmen. If they where filled with delusion-of-grandeur, they were called madmen: think Napoleon. – Just a vision I had.

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